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Outdoors Unlimited - 2-Story Rochester

2-Story Rochester Premier Series:
Floors: 4x4 skids, 2x4 floor joist, 3/4" Smart floor
       -Floor joist and smart floor treated (water and termite resistant)
Walls: 2x4 studs, 16" on center, 50yr LP siding 
Roof: 2x4 rafters, bubble wrap insulation, 40yr metal roof
Doors: 6x6 double doors and 1 single door
Vents: Ridge vent
Stairs: Corner stairs
*8" gable overhang
*Choice of door trim 

Sizes below include 5ft porch:  example = 17 x 16 (12 x 16 with a 5ft porch)
Purchasing Options for the 2 Story Rochester:
Purchase Outright: Cash, Credit or Check
Installment Loan: Interest Rate is based on your credit score
Rent to own: Guaranteed approval an no credit check.  
The maximum you can finance on the rent to own program is $20,000.  
Example:  Payment on the $20,000 maximum is $740/mo plus tax.
The deposit for the rent to own program is 15% down on the 2 Story Rochester.