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Pre-Owned Sheds Garages Barns Cabins  For Less!
Payments:  Credit, Cash or Check, 90 days Same As Cash, Installment Loans or RTO
The payments options and deposit will depend on the rent to own company that owns the building.

Guaranteed Approval and NO Credit Check.
Great alternative to off-site storage.
Early purchase option available at any time during the term of the contract with no penalties or fees.

Ability to return the product at any time with no further obligations.
No credit checks, so your credit score is not impacted.
Low down payment. Leases are not classified as "loans" and do not carry fluctuating interest rates helping you budget exactly how much you will be paying each month. 

Pre Owned Discounted Inventory Below:  Updated 08/03/2020
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River Country Rentals - 50 Miles Free
*4ft x 44ft porch built back on.

Building:  PF
18 x 44 Homesteader 
14 x 44 with a 4' x 44' porch
​2020 Price:  $19,345
Sale Price:  $16,000
Rent to own:
60 month: $592/mo
Deposit:  15%  ($2400)
Porch will be built back on cabin.
All Pre-Owned Buildings are available for Cash, Credit, Check or Rent to Own.

RTON - Delvivery - 
50 Miles Free

Building:  MG
12 x 24 Kampfire Kabin

Sale Price:  $3500

Rent to own:
54 month:  $129/mo

50 Miles Free

Building:  RH

10 x 20 All Metal
two 24" x 36" windows
one 4ft loft
​2020 Price:  $4,717
Discount:  - $717.00
Sale Price:  $4,000
60 month rent to own:  $148/mo
50 Miles Free

Buildling:   CE

8 x 12 Dog Kennel
​2020 Price:  $3245
Sale Price:  $3000
60 Month rent to own:  $111/mo

River Country Rentals
50 Miles Free

Building:  62

10 x 10 Vinyl Hi Wall Barn
4ft loft
6ft ramp
*This is not a pre owned building.  It is a 
Vinyl Hi wall Standard Series Stock.

2020 Price:  $3635
Discount:    - $500
Sale Price:  $3135
60 month rent to own:  $116/mo
Deposit:  2 months plus $36.35
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