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NEW LP SmartSiding New BUILDS!

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Rent to Own:  No Credit Needed!
Guaranteed Approval!
Sale Ends:  10/31
19 x 32 (14 x 32 with a 5ft porch)
2 Story Rochester
*This building can be done on the Rent to Own Program up to $20,000 with a 15% deposit down.  Example:  $20,000 (60 month program: $740/mo plus tax)
**This stock building is not for sale:  But we can build a new and customize size and options.  First level will be pre built and delivered and the second level will be built on site the day of delivery.  
Please call:  614-561-9931

Building:  63

2 Story Rochester 
50 Year LP SmartSiding Painted
40 Year metal roof with choice of color 
Silvertech backing on walls
Wall studs 16" oc
3/4" smart floor (treated, water and termite resistant)
treated floor joist
treated runners
​Base Price:  $17,868

Additional Options:  
Add four 24" x 36" windows: $300
Add four sets of Z  shutters:  $120
Add four sets of corbels:  $140
Upgrade to Single Door to Crossbuck with Arch Window:  $125
Upgrade to Double Doors to Crossbuck with Arch Window:  $250
Third Color (Mushroom Stained Doors):  $75

Total:  $18,878

Payment Options:  
​Rent to Own Program:  Guaranteed Approval and NO CREDIT CHECK  60 month program:  $594/mo plus tax Deposit:  $2831.70
Purchase Outright:  Credit, Check
Installment Loan:  Interest Rate is based on your credit score